About the Project

This Project proposes a conversion of the former Seminole High School building into attainable, quality housing.

The exterior would appear more as it did when the building was originally constructed, while restoring details that have been lost over the years as the school has been adapted to meet technological, logistical, and educational needs.

With regard to the interior, our goal is to preserve, to the greatest extent possible, the distinctive materials, features, finishes, and examples of craftsmanship that characterize the property, acknowledging that structural requirements and code compliance will impose some necessary limitations.

This project presents a rare and unique opportunity to preserve, restore, and re-purpose a beautiful piece of the community’s history.

It fosters sustainability and economic development, oriented toward the future. While enhancing livability through generating attainable, quality housing, the intent of this project is to repurpose the former Seminole High School building with minimal changes to its historic fabric.

Through consultation and cooperation with community stakeholders, we intend to reserve spaces (e.g. the Auditorium, Gymnasium, and Parking) for community use.

Preliminary Floor Plans

Community Impact

Community Investment

New Capital Brought Into Seminole

Local Support

Heavy Reliance on Local Contractors & Vendors

New Housing

Opportunity to Bring in New Residents & Retain Daytime Worker Population

Increased Tax Base

New Tax Dollars from a Currently Vacant Property

Economic Development Catalyst

Attracts New Investment to the Surrounding Area

Community Revitalization

Refocus Growth on a Neighborhood in Need

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